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3 Simple Ways to Set up Autocompletion in The Terminal

We often use quite complex commands in our terminals. We usually either search for them over and over again, save them somewhere to refer to later, or try to remember them. However, there is another option...

· 1 min read
JavaScriptFunctional ProgrammingFunction Composition

Understanding Function Composition in JavaScript

An integral part of Functional Programming  -  Function Composition is a method of assembling multiple functions to create a new one.

· 2 min read
JavaScriptFunctional ProgrammingCurrying

The Simplest Intro to Currying in JavaScript

Perhaps the oldest yet powerful technique of Functional Programming — Currying, which is basically the method of memoizing some of the function arguments and postponing its call until it gets all parameters.

· 2 min read

Building a customizable Modal Component with React

In this example, we will be creating a customizable Modal component with React.

· 4 min read
Neural Networks

Introduction to Neural Networks

Learning Neural Network seems difficult due to lots of math & terminologies. However, to get started it is better to learn basic concepts first, without deep diving into underlying math and variations of neural networks...

· 4 min read

Using CSS Modules with React

A quick overview of what is CSS Modules, how it works, how it’s used together with React, plus some useful tips.

· 3 min read

Speeding up your Git Workflow with Aliases

When working with Git CLI we usually type lots of verbose and boilerplate commands. However, Git has alias support that might be handy and save a lot of “typing” energy as well as increase your productivity.

· 2 min read

Building a JavaScript Monorepo with Lerna

JavaScript nowadays is almost everywhere: on the backend, frontend, desktop, mobile, tooling etc.

· 4 min read

Using Docker for local Node.js development

This article shows how to create a simple Node.js app and setup Docker for running app locally in watch mode inside a container.

· 1 min read
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