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Using Docker for local Node.js development

This article shows how to create a simple Node.js app and setup Docker for running app locally in watch mode inside a container.

· 1 min read

Building a JavaScript Monorepo with Lerna

JavaScript nowadays is almost everywhere: on the backend, frontend, desktop, mobile, tooling etc.

· 4 min read

Using CSS Modules with React

A quick overview of what is CSS Modules, how it works, how it’s used together with React, plus some useful tips.

· 3 min read

Building a customizable Modal Component with React

In this example, we will be creating a customizable Modal component with React.

· 4 min read
JavaScriptFunctional ProgrammingCurrying

The Simplest Intro to Currying in JavaScript

Perhaps the oldest yet powerful technique of Functional Programming — Currying, which is basically the method of memoizing some of the function arguments and postponing its call until it gets all parameters.

· 2 min read
JavaScriptFunctional ProgrammingFunction Composition

Understanding Function Composition in JavaScript

An integral part of Functional Programming  -  Function Composition is a method of assembling multiple functions to create a new one.

· 2 min read
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