Erzhan Torokulov

Erzhan Torokulov

I’m a Software Engineer with 9+ years of experience building high-quality Software Solutions.

I specialize in Web & Mobile Development and primarily use React, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker, React Native, HTML, CSS.

I have experience leading teams, building processes & workflows in Scrum/Agile way.

And I’m very passionate about learning new things, solving challenging problems and creating innovative solutions.


Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Golang, C#, Java, Python, Ruby
Technologies: React, Node.js, Koa.js, Express, Gatsby, Next.js, REST, GraphQL, Webpack, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, React Native, Angular, ASP.NET Core/MVC
Databases: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB
Other: Deep Learning

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Sourcegraph, Remote
Aug 2021Sep 2023
2 years


  • Added experimental Sourcegraph Cody plugins API with few initial plugins.
  • Added repository metadata usage, that enables users to add custom key-value pair metadata, search and visualize results using these metadata.
  • Worked on improving Sourcegrpah product growth pipeline, by integrating various in product CTAs.
  • Created automated cloud trial sign up flow with automatic cloud instance hand off to users, decreasing time to try from 2+ days to less than a minute.
  • Created Sourcegraph In-Product Analytics that enables admins to view and analyze various Sourcegraph feature usage by their users.
  • Maintain Browser Extension and Native Code Host integrations features alongside Sourcegraph’s built-in web features.
Technologies: TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Next.js, React, Go, GraphQL, Docker, Postgres, Netlify, RxJS, Browser Extensions API, HTML, CSS

Principal Engineer

Toptal Core, Remote
Mar 2019Aug 2021
2 years 5 months


  • Created/integrated Search Service for searching resources across the Toptal’s website
  • Created unified teams cross-collaboration process
  • Created a unified Frontend Interviewing process
  • Worked on multiple company-wide DevX & Architecture researches/initiatives
  • Coached & mentored other senior engineers

Senior Frontend Engineer

Mar 2019Nov 2020
1 year 8 months


  • Created a custom React SSR Engine in Node.js, which is used nowadays for all public pages
  • Migrated Toptal’s all publicly accessible pages to a new design
  • Setup project DevX environment: storybook, storyshots, Loki (visual regression testing), Jenkins CI, Webpack, CLI generators & scaffolding
Technologies: Node.js, React, JavaScript, Typescript, Docker, HTML, CSS, A/B Testing

Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Nov 2018Feb 2019
4 months


  • Migrated Frontend codebase from Angular v2 to Angular v7 (latest at that moment)
  • Created Angular UI KIT:
  • Containerized existing projects (Docker)
Technologies: Node.js, Angular, Docker, JavaScript, TypeScript

Senior Frontend Engineer

Yandex.Money, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Jul 2017Oct 2018
1 year 4 months


  • Frontend team lead
  • Migrated legacy project from ASP.NET MVC to Node.js with TypeScript
  • Mentored junior/middle developers

Frontend Engineer

Jul 2017Mar 2018
8 months


  • Migrated legacy React v0.13/Flux to React v15/Redux/TypeScript
  • Created unified authorization service (JWT)
  • Setup Scrum/Agile workflow, was Scrum Master in team
Technologies: React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC 5

Full-Stack Engineer

TimelySoft, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
May 2015Jun 2017
2 years 2 months


  • Created school education management information system project for outsourcing clients
  • Build Video Battle online web interactive game
  • Designed and managed MS SQL database architecture for multiple projects
Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, C#, MS SQL, MS SSRS, React, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript

Personal Projects

WordPal AI

AI powered writing assistant. Helps to rephrase existing text content, generate replies, fix grammar and/or craft new text contents.

  • Technologies: React, Next.js, OpenAI API, TailwindCSS, Google Cloud Run

Scrum Tools

Mobile App that provides Daily timer & Poker Cards


American University of Central Asia (AUCA)

Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, GPA 3.87 / 4.0, 2012 - 2016

Public Talks & Press

Webinar + Interview - Intro to Gatsby.js (Russian), April 2021

Webinar - Animations on Web (Russian), February 2021


LFS158x: Introduction to Kubernetes

Issuer: edX / offered by LinuxFoundationX

Issue Date: January 2023

Expire Date: No Expiration Date

Credential ID: 27a24eac9ca14fc6a0a7c99b05c9492eCredential

Simulator for Learning Data-Driven Product Management and Growth

Issuer: GoPractice, Inc

Issue Date: April 2022

Expire Date: No Expiration Date

Credential ID: tjuhhilq

Deep Learning

Issuer: Coursera

Issue Date: September 2020

Expire Date: No expiration date

Credential ID: SKCMMBWH39X4

Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

Issuer: Coursera

Issue Date: August 2019

Expire Date: No expiration date

Credential ID: 4E4FPYFD3QEB

Microsoft Certified Professional

Issuer: Microsoft

Issue Date: June 2016

Expire Date: No expiration date

Credential ID: F730-4695

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