Erzhan Torokulov

Erzhan Torokulov

I’m a software engineer with 9+ years of full-stack development expertise, specializing in frontend technologies. I bring a wealth of experience in building high-quality software products and implementing cutting-edge solutions, including of AI-powered platforms such as writing assistant WordPal AI and coding AI assistant Sourcegraph Cody.

During my tenure at Sourcegraph, I’ve led multiple projects like in-product analytics, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers. At Toptal Core, I’ve coached and mentored software engineers, helping them advance in their careers while also increasing their contribution to the company. At YandexMoney, I orchestrated a zero downtime backend migration from ASP.NET MVC to Node.js, aligning the product with the company’s main tech stack and enhancing system performance.

Beyond technical proficiency, I excel in product management, team process improvement, and fostering team collaboration. I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth, always seeking new challenges and opportunities to push boundaries in the ever-evolving field of software engineering.


Technologies: React, Node.js, Tailwind CSS, UI/UX, Next.js, GraphQL, REST, Docker, Browser Extension API, Webpack, Gatsby, Bootstrap, React Native, Angular, Deep Learning, LLMs, OpenAI API, Prisma, Nest.js

Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS, SQL, Golang, Python, C#

Databases: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, Cloud Firestore

Work Experience


erzhtor, remote
Sep 2023Present
9 months
Technologies: Node.js, OpenAI API, React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Next.js, Firebase, MongoDB, Google Cloud, Plasmo UI, Browser Extensions API, HTML, CSS, Tailwind CSS, Product Management

Senior Software Engineer

Sourcegraph, Remote
Aug 2021Sep 2023
2 years
  • Created automated cloud trial sign up flow with automatic cloud instance hand off to users, decreasing time to try from 2+ days to less than a minute
  • Created Sourcegraph in-product analytics that enables admins to view and analyze various Sourcegraph feature usage by their users
  • Maintained browser extension and native code host integrations features alongside Sourcegraph’s built-in web features
Technologies: TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Next.js, React, Go, GraphQL, Docker, Postgres, Netlify, RxJS, Browser Extensions API, HTML, CSS

Principal Engineer

Toptal Core, Remote
Mar 2019Aug 2021
2 years 5 months
  • Created/integrated search service for searching resources across the Toptal’s website
  • Created unified teams cross-collaboration process, frontend interviewing process
  • Coached & mentored engineers, worked on company-wide DevX & Architecture R&Ds

Senior Frontend Engineer

Mar 2019Nov 2020
1 year 8 months
  • Created a custom React SSR Engine in Node.js, used for all public SEO/SEM pages
  • Migrated Toptal’s web to a new design
Technologies: Node.js, React, JavaScript, Typescript, Docker, HTML, CSS, A/B Testing

Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Nov 2018Feb 2019
4 months
  • Created Angular UI KIT:
  • Migrated frontend codebase from legacy to latest Angular version; dockerized existing projects
Technologies: Node.js, Angular, Docker, JavaScript, TypeScript

Senior Frontend Engineer

Yandex.Money, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Jul 2017Oct 2018
1 year 4 months
  • Migrated legacy project from ASP.NET MVC to Node.js/TypeScript
  • Frontend team lead, mentored junior/middle developers

Frontend Engineer

Jul 2017Mar 2018
8 months
  • Migrated legacy React v0.13/Flux/JavaScript to React v15/Redux/TypeScript
  • Created a unified authorization service
  • Integrated scrum/agile workflow
Technologies: React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC 5

Full-Stack Engineer

TimelySoft, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
May 2015Jun 2017
2 years 2 months
  • Designed & built multiple outsource projects such as school education management information system, video battle online web interactive game
  • Designed & managed MS SQL databases for multiple outsource projects
Technologies: ASP.NET MVC/Core, C#, MS SQL, MS SSRS, React, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript

Personal Projects

WordPal AI

AI powered writing assistant. Helps to rephrase existing text content, generate replies, fix grammar and/or craft new text contents.

  • Technologies: React, Next.js, OpenAI API, TailwindCSS, Google Cloud Run

Scrum Tools

Mobile App that provides Daily timer & Poker Cards


American University of Central Asia

Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, GPA 3.87 / 4.0, 2012 - 2016

Public Talks & Press

Webinar + Interview - Intro to Gatsby.js (Russian), April 2021

Webinar - Animations on Web (Russian), February 2021


LFS158x: Introduction to Kubernetes

Issuer: edX / offered by LinuxFoundationX

Issue Date: January 2023

Expire Date: No Expiration Date

Credential ID: 27a24eac9ca14fc6a0a7c99b05c9492eCredential

Simulator for Learning Data-Driven Product Management and Growth

Issuer: GoPractice, Inc

Issue Date: April 2022

Expire Date: No Expiration Date

Credential ID: tjuhhilq

Deep Learning

Issuer: Coursera

Issue Date: September 2020

Expire Date: No expiration date

Credential ID: SKCMMBWH39X4

Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals

Issuer: Coursera

Issue Date: August 2019

Expire Date: No expiration date

Credential ID: 4E4FPYFD3QEB

Microsoft Certified Professional

Issuer: Microsoft

Issue Date: June 2016

Expire Date: No expiration date

Credential ID: F730-4695

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